Pizza Stone 12" / 30cm

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Pizza Stone 12" / 30cm

Natural Pizza-Stone

12 inch / 30 cm across & approximately 3/4+" / 2 cm deep weighing a substantial 13 lbs / 5.3kg

Advantages of a Soap stone Pizza Stone

Soap stone has been used to cook on for centuries, for many good reasons. It is durable and aesthetically pleasing and is a non-porous natural stone with fantastic thermal properties. Soap stone is able to maintain heat for far longer than many other kinds of stone. When taken out of the oven, it will keep your pizza hot and fresh, ready to serve. If you have never made a pizza on a soap stone pizza stone, you will really notice a difference!

Using soap stone pizza stones will cut your cooking time by nearly half and also give your pizza a unique browning and crisping that cannot be achieved with other pizza stones. Because it is made of natural stone it heats up evenly and cooks consistently. Since the stone is non-porous, it will not allow bacterial growth, making it ideal for cooking use. Another great quality of soapstone is that it has no taste and will not add undesired flavours to your food.

You can also cook Hard Rolls, Bread, Biscuits, Tortillas, Croissants, Bagels, Calzones, Meat, Fish and many other dishes on the stone.


A Fair Trade item Hand-Crafted in soap stone by the Artisans of Kisii, KenyaThe stone has a natural white / light finish which alters to slate grey after curing in the oven. Curing is carried out by coating the stone in vegetable oil, heating & cooling twice.Full care instructions are provided.

Using your Pizza Stone

The purpose of a pizza stone is to distribute the heat evenly to the pizza so that your pizza dough is crispy.

We recommend preheating your oven with the pizza stone inside to as hot as your oven allows (ideally 260 deg C). Always place your stone in a cold oven and then turn the oven on - this allows the stone to absorb the heat gradually and evenly. Once the stone has reached the required temperature, it is far too hot to handle with a conventional oven glove. Avoid putting your pizza stone into a hot oven.

The best tool to get a pizza out of the oven or grill from your pizza stone is a pizza paddle or peel (a large wooden handle that looks like a paddle that slides underneath the pizza).

Part of the trick of using a pizza stone successfully is to season it properly. Seasoning a pizza stone, means ensuring that it is oiled and baked so that it encourages a non-stick patina, which can only be acquired over time. When you take it out of the oven, place it on a heat resistant surface. Never let your hot stone come into contact with cold water this could crack the stone.

To clean your pizza stone use a flat scraper and warm water with mild soap.

  For full information of the benefits of Kisii-stone / soapstone please visit the "Kisii-stone" page in our shop

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Product Code NX-HA49-V5FP
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