Dog Collars & leads

These sturdy Leather beaded Dog Collars are made with natural, free-range (across the Maassai tribelands of Kenya) beef leather and finished on the inside with a soft, leather lining. The strong brass hardware is hand cast by local artisans using recycled brass. The collars are beautifully hand-beaded with 100% glass beads, and then hand-stitched with fishing cord to make them strong and long lasting. Every collar arrives with a card telling the story of the Maassai Warrior people who are famous for their tribal beadwork.

To Select your choice of Size v Design: Please select the size first & then check which Designs are available in that size.

It's best to measure your dog to make sure you get the collar that fits them perfectly. Take a flexible tape measure and place around your dog's actual neck (not their existing collar). If your dog is between sizes, then it's best to go up one. The dog collar should be snug enough to fit 2 fingers between dog's neck & their collar. To ensure you can find the correct size for your dog we offera good range of sizes. The collars are measured from where the buckle joins the leather, to the 1st & last holes.

In general:
Very Dinky to Dinky sizes (20-30cm) suits Chihuahua, Toy Poodle & Jack Russell.
Very Small to Small sizes (25-35cm) suits Beagle, Cocker Spaniel & Pug.
Small + to Medium + sizes (35-50cm) suits Dalmatian, Springer Spaniel & Collie.
Medium++ to Giant sizes (45-76cm) suits Boxer, German Shepherd, Old English Sheepdog & Labradors (our two Labradors are fans!)

Our Sizes (we offer a good range of sizes so you can find the best size for your dog):

V Dinky: 20 - 26cm/1cm wide
Dinky: 23 - 30cm/1cm wide
V Small: 26 -32cm/1cm wide
Small: 32 - 39cm/2cm wide
Small+: 38 - 45cm/2cm wide
Medium: 40 - 48cm/2.5cm wide
Medium+: 42 - 50cm/2.5cm wide
Medium+/Narrow: 42 - 50cm/2cm wide
Medium++: 47 - 54cm/2.5cm wide
Medium ++/Narrow: 47 - 54cm/2cm wide
Large: 50 - 56cm/2.5cm wide
Large Narrow: 50 - 56cm/2cm wide
Large+: 55 - 61cm/2.5cm wide
Large++: 58 - 64cm/2.5cm wide
Giant: 60-67cm/2.5cm wide

Dog Leads are all approx 110cm / 44 in long / 2.2cm / 3/4 in wide
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