Bombs 2 Bracelets Jewellery

.Peace Bangle - Bombs 2 Bracelets

Hey! Wearing bomb metal is cool !

All bangles are hand crafted by villagers in rural Laos from aluminium recycled from bombs dropped during the Vietnam War. To make the bracelets, the scrap aluminium is melted in an earthen kiln, cast in hand-sculpted moulds of wood and ash, and finished by hand. All UXO has been previously made safe by UXO Laos.


Approximately 3m square of land in Laos can be cleared & made safe from the money made when one bangle is bought

Being hand made from recycled aluminium, subtle variations in colour and texture may occur but each piece should be considered unique.

Not only do they look good, they do good.

The 7cm size is available (measured across the inside of the bracelet). Roll your fingers as if you were putting on a bangle. Measure across the knuckles. This measurement will show you your size.

No bombs (or people) were harmed in the making of these products.